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مظلات في سلطنة عمان افضل شركة مظلات في مسقط تصاميم عصرية

Special and lightweight structures

Realize your architectural aspirations with our proficiency in crafting unique special structures. Whether it’s aluminum, steel, or innovative combinations with membranes and polycarbonate, we’re here to bring your design concepts to life. Get in touch today to unleash your creativity.

ارضيات خشب صناعي بيرغولا خشب WPC decking pergola oman

WPC Wood Plastic Composite

Durable artificial wood, engineered to endure harsh weather conditions, ideal for outdoor use in decking, pergolas, claddings, gazebos, and beyond.

Art works in Oman اعمال فنية في عمان
WPC Pergola Oman

Art Works

Transform your space with our captivating artistry. From tranquil waterfalls to lifelike artificial stones and charming bridges, we turn your vision into a picturesque reality. Discover the endless possibilities of nature-inspired art at Gulf International Group.

الخليجية العالمية للمظلات للاعمال التجارية

Shading Structures

Shading solutions for swimming pools, car parkings, parks, terrace, bridges, schools and thousands of outdoor canopies and skylights.

الخليجية العالمية للمظلات للاعمال التجارية

Wooden Pergolas

WPC or Natural wood, Pergolas, Gazebo, Claddings, Decking, Fencing, Hand Railing, Side covers, Public park Benches, Tables and many more.

الخليجية العالمية للمظلات للاعمال التجارية

Art Works

Waterfalls, Landscaping arts, roundabouts and others.

الخليجية العالمية للمظلات للاعمال التجارية

Aluminium Works

Pergolas, Staircases, Panels, Foldable and Fixed designed, Gates and beyond.

الخليجية العالمية للمظلات للاعمال التجارية

Solar Structures

Photovoltage structures for new cities, car parks, warehouses and buildings.

الخليجية العالمية للمظلات للاعمال التجارية

Other Services

Installation of automated panels and windows, retractable systems and installation of all kind of structures.

مظلات مواقف السيارات في عمان

Car Parking Shades

Using HDPE, PVC / PVDF, PTFE Fabric from Europe and Australia with life span up to 25 years.

Sail arc conical shades

Tensile structure

Lightweight double curvature designs. Awnings, canopies, tents, umbrellas and whatever design you are looking for.

Motorized pergola مظلات متحركة

Motorized pergolas

Fabric or aluminum automated pergolas designed in Germany.

Operated with remote control and can be integrated with LED lightings

WPC Wooden Gazebo and sheds Muscat


Any kind of design, shape and dimensions. Roof can be from different suitable materials with more than 25 years life time.

WPC Pergola Gazebo Fence


Rafters can be inclined or straight, distance between elements can be customized.

WPC decking for swimmingpools ارضيات خارجية للمسابح
WPC Oman

WPC Decking

Suitable for outdoor decking near swimming pools, beaches, and walkways.

الخليجية العالمية للمظلات – مجموعة الخليجية العالمية للاعمال التجارية – Gulf International Tensile – Gulf International Business and Trading Group LLC

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